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Inside Proto's Transformative Collaboration with Amazon PACE


In an era where technology evolves at a breathtaking pace, Proto has been at the forefront, pioneering the next wave of holographic communication. Our latest leap forward comes through a groundbreaking collaboration with the AWS Prototyping and Cloud Engineering (PACE) team. This partnership has not only accelerated our technological advancements but also marked a significant milestone in the realm of spatial computing.

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The Catalyst for Innovation

The journey began with a shared ambition: to revolutionize the way holographic content is created and consumed. Recognizing the potential to streamline this process, Proto joined forces with the PACE team, embarking on a project aimed at automating the generation of holographic videos through an advanced AI-driven pipeline​​.


Deep Dive into the Collaboration

The project centered around addressing key challenges in the holographic content creation space, leveraging AWS's vast cloud computing resources and the PACE team's expertise in prototyping innovative solutions.


  • Technical Groundwork: At the core of our collaboration was the development of a sophisticated architecture that integrates seamlessly with Proto's holographic devices. This included leveraging AWS services such as Amazon S3 for storage and AWS Lambda for executing the conversion processes​​.
  • Generative AI at Play: Utilizing Stability AI's state-of-the-art Stable Video Diffusion API, the team engineered a pipeline capable of transforming natural language text prompts into dynamic holographic videos. This innovation dramatically reduces content creation time, opening up new possibilities for consumers and creators alike​​​​.
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Envisioning the Future

The implications of our project with the AWS PACE team extend far beyond the immediate advancements. It lays the foundation for a broader exploration of spatial computing technologies, foreseeing applications that could redefine various sectors, including education, healthcare, and entertainment​​​​.


  • Towards a Holistic Spatial Computing Platform: Inspired by our project's success, Proto envisions expanding our ecosystem to include a comprehensive spatial computing platform. This platform would offer enhanced interaction capabilities and support for an array of applications, further solidifying our role in the holographic technology landscape.
  • Expanding the Horizon of Applications: With the technical barriers lowered, we're excited to explore diverse applications of our technology. From enhancing remote collaboration to creating immersive educational experiences, the potential is limitless.


Leveraging Cloud Computing and AI

The collaboration underscored the critical role of cloud computing and AI in shaping the future of holographic technology. AWS's robust infrastructure provided the scalability and processing power necessary to tackle the project's ambitious goals, demonstrating the transformative potential of cloud services in driving technological innovation​​.



Our journey with the AWS PACE team is a testament to the power of collaboration in pushing the boundaries of technology. As we reflect on the achievements of this project, we are inspired to continue exploring the vast potential of holographic and spatial computing technologies. With each innovation, we move closer to a future where holographic communication is an integral part of our daily lives.


Join us as we venture into this exciting future. The possibilities are as limitless as our collective imagination.

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