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HoloCam Kit

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The HoloCam Kit is designed to offer a straightforward and efficient solution for capturing and beaming holographic content. This kit is ideal for users who require a quick setup and the flexibility to create holograms on-the-go or in various settings with their own accessories.



Key Features


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Fast Deployment

The combination of the HoloCam and the specially designed camera stand allows for quick and easy setup, making it ideal for impromptu holographic presentations or when moving between different locations where lighting and backdrops may already be available.


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Proto Studio App Compatibility

The Holocam kit is fully compatible with the Proto Studio App, available on the Apple App Store. Simply connect the HoloCam to a customer-supplied iPad Pro via USB. This integration allows for easy capture and real-time transmission of holographic content directly from the app.



The lightweight design of the camera stand, coupled with the compact size of the HoloCam, makes the entire kit highly portable. This portability is a significant advantage for users who need to create holographic content in various settings without the hassle of transporting bulky equipment.



What's Included

Holocam Kit

• Proto Holocam

• Proto Tripod with iPad Adapter




Elevate your live beams and holographic content to new heights with the HoloCam Kit. 
Contact your Proto Sales Representative to reserve yours today.